Prices for " Serviced Apartments Berlin "

We offer you independent Property Management in Berlin for your furnished apartment at fair prices.

You have the choice of two service packages. You can expand these with various additional services. Thus we can individually cater to your needs and wishes.
Costs are calculated according to staggered price brackets based upon your Gross rent.

First of all, some initial advice:

We’ll inspect your apartment and discuss with you all measures necessary for a successful handling of your property.
For this we charge a basic fee of 150 €. This is dropped if you decide to take up
one of our service packages.



Basic Package 

12 % of the total rent, monthly

Our services:

  • apartment inspections
  • apartment handover plus documentation
  • return of apartment plus documentation
  • Commissioning of specialised agencies for “furnished apartments for temporary lettings”
  • Contact address for the tenant, correspondence or any transactions
  • Organisation and execution of the corresponding photo shoots
  • Receipt and administration of deposits
  • Control of incoming rental payments and forwarding to the leaseholders account
  • Accounting and payment of agency commission
  • Organisation and performance of final cleaning
  • Reading of electricity and gas meters upon occupancy and vacation
  • (see also: Competencies)

Our Premium Service Charge Paket includes the Basic Package light and offers you the perfect allround support service for your property. This all-round worry-free package allows you to place both the handling and renting of the property into experienced hands.
For this we charge a monthly fee of 12 % of the total Gross rent* for the duration of the rental period. The minimum fee is 110 €* per month.

*Prices are exclusive statutory VAT.



Basic Package light

1 x 20 % of your first monthly rent


Our services include:

  • up to 4 apartment inspections
  • apartment handover plus documentation
  • return of apartment plus documentation
  • organisation of the final deep clean

For this we charge a one-off fee of 20 % of the first month’s rent for each rental, staggered according to the Gross price of rent.
The minimum fee is 249 €*.
From the first lease extension, in any case after 4 month from the beginning of the lease, we charge a monthly administrative fee of 2 % of the monthly rent. Minimum 19,50 € monthly.

*Prices are exclusive statutory VAT.

Additional Service

according to expenditure of time


Aside from the basic packages we also offer you further services such as:

  • full or part furnishing of your apartment
  • repair or replacement in the event of damage caused by the tenant
  • meetings with co-owners
  • conducting of correspondence with the house management
  • organisation and checking of tradesmen appointments and services
  • organisation and timetabling of annual gas metre readings and checking chimney sweeping
  • registration of TV/GEZ, telephone, internet, electricity and gas supplies
  • advice and preparation of insurance compatible with a furnished apartment
  • organisation and implementation of a weekly cleaning service
  • Cooperation with professional estate agents, tax consultants, lawyers, insurance companies,
    all specialised in the furnished letting sector

The fees for our additional services are calculated according to time expenditure:

Office, organisation,buying and
tradesmen services

  9,00 € / 10 min
54,00 € / h

Clean Management 28,50 € / h
Sunday and
holiday surcharges
Handovers later than 10pm
80,00 €

Travel according to
tariff zone 1-3
(Information on tariff zones provided upon request)

20,00 €
35,00 €  max.

Payable upon signing of the order and receipt of the bill. Subject to our terms & conditions.
Prices as of January 2017