Additional Service

according to expenditure of time

Aside from the basic packages we also offer or coordinate you further
services such as:

  • full or part furnishing of your apartment
  • home staging for photo shoots
  • repair or replacement in the event of damage caused by the tenant
  • meetings with co-owners
  • conducting of correspondence with the house management
  • organisation and checking of tradesmen appointments and services
  • organisation and timetabling of annual gas metre readings and checking chimney sweeping
  • registration of TV/GEZ, telephone, internet, electricity and gas supplies
  • advice and preparation of insurance compatible with a furnished apartment
  • organisation and implementation of a weekly cleaning service
  • Cooperation with professional estate agents, tax consultants, lawyers, insurance companies, all specialised in the furnished letting sector

Office, organisation, buying and
tradesmen services

12,00 € / 10 min
72,00 € / h

Sunday and holiday surcharges, handovers later than 10pm

80,00 €

Travel according to tariff zone 1-3
(Information on tariff zones provided upon request)

25,00 € -
40,00 €

Clean Management (external service)

29,00 € / h

Payable upon signing of the order and receipt of the bill. Subject to our terms & conditions.
Prices as of March 2022